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Better Chocolate Than Never

Pengembangan Diri · 03 Aug 15

Contributor: Vera Wijaya | ZL

Gelap Tidak Akan Pernah Menguasai Terang

Pengembangan Diri · 29 Jul 15

Contributor: Zukarlita

[Mandarin] Dare to Dream, Dare to Make It Happen!

Pengembangan Diri · 20 May 15

Contributor: Lenny Gracia

Koleksi Suara

Buah dari Kebaikan, Martabak Segar Menggoda

Pengembangan Diri · 28 Oct 16

Pernahkah realitas dan hati nurani kamu bertentangan? Bagaimana reaksimu? Ini pengalamanku dengan keputusan yang tidak pernah ku sesali selamanya.

Contributor: Vera Wijaya | ZL

Temukan Jati Dirimu Seutuhnya

Pengembangan Diri · 17 Oct 16

Banyak orang menganjurkan kita untuk berperilaku tertentu, bagaimana seharusnya kita bersikap?

Contributor: Zukarlita

Alone Isn't A Reason to Reject A Beautiful LIfe (Mandarin)

Pengembangan Diri · 13 Jun 16

Whenever I go, there'll always a beautiful path of life to explore. Whoever I am, even I'm alone, there is no reason for me to reject such a good life!

Contributor: Saula Valeria

Now Is The Best Time To Be Happy

Pengembangan Diri · 22 May 16

We always have dozen of reasons to push out our happiness away, unconsciously happened. Find out why you should start to cherish your day and get today as the best time to be happy!

Contributor: Zukarlita

How to Stay Young

Pengembangan Diri · 22 May 16

There are no expensive recipe to keep yourself stay young, even younger! Listen to this clip reveals more secrets on how to stay young in quick tips.

Contributor: Zukarlita

Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal

Pengembangan Diri · 22 May 16

Live like the way you want it to be! Make the most of yourself into it because life isn't a dress rehearsal that you can pause or change. Nobody can't stop it.

Contributor: Zukarlita

That Song!

Melodi · 22 May 16

When your day filled with melody and happiness, that's where your life is fulfilled with songs full of memories. Check this clip out! (p.s. this clip lovely contributor is the author of

Contributor: Ivonne Natalia

A Shooting Star

Fiksi · 22 May 16

Where is the shooting star? Where it goes? Where to find? A poem about an analogy of ourselves as the chosen one just like the shooting star. (p.s. this clip lovely contributor is the author of

Contributor: Ivonne Natalia

Time to Love

Pengembangan Diri · 22 May 16

Love doesn’t need to tell you whenever (s)he will come. Love comes like your favourite song on radio, it plays randomly. Listen more about love on this clip (p.s. this clip lovely contributor is the author of Ivonneism

Contributor: Ivonne Natalia